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Media Relations

Reach key media more effectively

At Bluebonnet Public Relations, we are media relations specialists. Our founder and lead consultant, Krista Simmons, is a former journalist who believes relationships, particularly those between our clients and the media we work with, are essential. We are the bridge between them and we provide the framework and support to help ensure those important connections last.

Media relations is one of the most important public relations tactics. It’s about building relationships with the media; understanding what they need and how our clients can meet those needs; understanding how each news and/or feature story can affect our clients and their target audiences; knowing the best media contacts for each unique client and story; positioning our clients correctly; delivering news, stories, and/or announcements with integrity; coordinating the process to provide seamless service to both the media and the client; respecting deadlines; following up when appropriate; and knowing when to change directions.

The PR in Bluebonnet PR doesn’t just stand for “public relations” – it also stands for “proven results.” Our clients have been featured in a wide variety of media outlets and formats. They have appeared in/on broadcast TV stations, syndicated press, renowned business publications, major newspapers, prominent local media, influential blogs and e-zines, and key trade publications, such as:

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Writing and editing

Professional, polished and compelling

Well-written, effective copy is essential for successful communication, particularly in public relations. At Bluebonnet Public Relations, we provide exceptional copy writing and editing services that strengthen our clients’ messaging and branding across a wide variety of collateral, such as: news releases, media alerts, guest columns, web sites, brochures, letters, reports and more.

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Strategic PR campaigns

Integrated, targeted and meaningful

Everything we do is done with purpose. Our PR campaigns are well thought-out and seamlessly executed. We develop strategic PR plans for our clients that dovetail with their other communications efforts and adhere to each company’s unique, overall company branding, messaging and identity.

Working Together
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Interview coordination and prep

Training and tools to enable flawless interviews

Preparation can help ensure a positive, productive media interview. At Bluebonnet Public Relations, we can provide interview tips on word choice and messaging, as well as body language and clothing. In addition, we can develop a list of possible questions the interviewer may ask and/or conduct a “mock” interview to help our clients to organize their thoughts and feel more confident, whether the interview is routine or addresses a crisis situation.

Filming a Presentation
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